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Our story        
Once upon a time there was a little white bus. The bus knew it was meant for something special. So, it waited patiently until the right owner came along. And when she did the cute bus was promptly named The Whimsy Bus. An ongoing makeover began, and The Whimsy Bus soon discovered her true purpose in life: sell Whimsical stuff, teach others about Whimsy, and inspire others to live outside their ordinary lines…just as she does!

Coming soon...again...after Covid-19 settles.

Book The Whimsy Bus…an adventure you’ll never forget! 

Whimsical learning for small private groups or large clubs, churches, master gardeners, mom’s groups, and classrooms (kids 8-12ish), even corporate team building. 
Pam Cline Hitchcock aka The Whimsy Woman   937-243-0596


(Please note---For these classes your group will provide a classroom since the bus will be operating as a mobile store).

 Adventure #2  A Shoe’s not a Shoe

     (Make & Take Class by The Whimsy Woman)

Repurposing has taken over the nation and what better way to add whimsy than use something in a new way. We’ll discuss the Who, What, Where, When and Why of Whimsy, play my “What Can” game, study “You Plant Everything” List, and best of all…You’ll learn how to plant a basic whimsical container. Before the zaniness is over, I’ll ask you to share your most fun and whimsical plantings or things you’ve added to your garden. And of course, there will be an opportunity to shop and sign The Whimsy Bus!

Each participant is asked to bring an old shoe or tea cup to plant for the most fun Make & Take class ever!
Class is approximately 2 hrs. and $200 within 1 hr. drive of Ostrander, Oh.
For classes over 1 hr. drive a slight fuel charge will be added.

Additional cost for plants/supplies:
Small shoes/teacups $3 per person
Large shoes/boots $6 per person

The whimsy Bus   ​CLINE'S PLANT FARM   the mustard seed retreat


Adventure #1  How to create a Whimsical Garden
     (Interactive Talk by Pam, The Whimsy Woman)

Is your garden tired, rundown, listless as Lucy Ricardo used to ask? Are you open and ready to try a new and often inexpensive way to garden? Whimsical Gardening to the rescue! In this interactive class we learn the 3 basic ways to create a Whimsical Garden as well as begin your personal whimsical notebook, participate in a color survey, plan/create your next garden addition (whimsical, of course), and shop and sign the mobile store, The Whimsy Bus.

Class is approximately 2 hrs. and $200 within 1 hr. drive of Ostrander, Oh.
For classes over 1 hr. drive a slight fuel surcharge will be added.


Adventure #3  Find the Whimsy in YOU!

(Interactive writing/creativity class by The Whimsy Woman).

There’s something you should know. My friend Whimsy has a BFF. And the BFF’s name is Creativity. Keeping this in mind we’ll begin a Whimsical Notebook with an easy ‘dreaming’ exercise, play with crayons and seek out your whimsical color, then write a letter, making friends with creativity, and promising yourself while truly believing; “I am creative!” The fun has just started as we ask for volunteers to play Whimsical ‘Twister’. You’ll hear my soapbox on creativity, my inspirational words on finding and being yourself through whimsy and the importance of following your own unique path, just as The Whimsy Bus does every day! Last but not least, there’ll be time to shop and sign the bus.

FYI---this class is for adults and kids. Great in classrooms, ages 9-99.

Class approximately 2 hrs. and $200 within 1 hr. drive of Ostrander, Oh.
For classes over 1 hr. drive a slight fuel charge will be added.


To book an Adventure:

Call/text/or email Pam Cline Hitchcock aka The Whimsy Woman
The Whimsy Bus
9820 Long Rd. Ostrander, Oh. 43061