HERBS. Robust 3” pots, $4 ea.
~Basil, Sweet
~Chamomile, Roman
~Cilantro, Santo
~Dill, Super Dukat
~Parsley, Curled
~Parsley, Italian

~Rosemary, Arp

~Rosemary, Cascade

~Rosemary, Common 

~Toothache plant
~Thyme, French
~Thyme, Golden Lemon
~Thyme, Lemon
~Thyme, Lime
~Thyme, Pink Chintz
~Thyme, Wooly

HERBS, Quart pots, $6 ea.
~Lemon Grass
~Rosemary, Cascade 

~Rosemary, Common



​​​​​​Cline's Plant Farm/The Whimsy Bus Plant Availability list---Spring 2021!

YAY….it’s Spring! Can’t wait to see you. Take a peek at this great list and it’s only just the beginning. What fun ahead for all of us!

A special thanks to God for blessing me for almost 50 years with a love of plants that’s never died! I still get excited and a little teary eyed as ‘my’ plants find their way to Cline’s Plant Farm every spring. I’ve been told by others, “Boy that’s a lot of work!” Yep. Everyone in my industry feels the load. But YOU and your love of gardening lighten it as we experience together the earths awakening one day at a time. Ready to add more joy to your life? Time to shop for plants!
God bless you all,

***Like last year I will serve your plant needs in several ways.

~Shop at the farm. We will be open for retail hours April 16-June 19.

Hours of operation are Tues.-Sat. 10-6. Closed on Sundays and Mondays.

~Or pre-order for pickup

~Or The Whimsy Bus can deliver orders of $100 or more. 

***Don't forget I carry Gift Certificates especially perfect for Mothers Day.  Whimsy on!

SUCCULENTS: Indoor varieties.
 ~Assorted 2” pots, great starters. $3 ea.

Note: 4-inch pots, lots of varieties, coming soon.


What plants do you want? Now TAKING ORDERS---

Please feel free to share your plant wants/needs list. By pre-ordering you help me to buy the right things. Besides herbs, perennials, annuals and succulents I can also obtain shrubs and small trees. Let’s work together! Email me any plants you’re looking for and I will see if I can find them for you. Thank you!!

SPRING FLOWERS...They’re beautiful!

PANSIES:   6.5”   decorative container $9
                       8”    decorative container $12
VIOLAS        11”    decorative container $15



PERENNIALS, Impact size,  with Labels. $18 ea.

FYI…These varieties are just being potted and will be released when rooted, in approximately 3-4 weeks. I knew you wouldn’t want to miss out on some unusual beauties so I’m currently accepting pre-orders/pre-payment. I can save them back for you. 

~Belamcanda chinensis, Blackberry Lily. 24-36” ht. Yel-orange flwr turn to black seed pods great in arrangements.
~Clematis, Jackmani Superba. Improved variety, dark purple flowers. Vine.
~Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’, Montbretia. 36-42” ht. Flame red flwr. Great cut.
~Hemerocallis ‘Raspberry Eclipse’. Daylily. 30” ht. Raspberry purple flwr with lemon frilled edge. So pretty!
~Iris siberica ‘Silver Edge’. White leaf edge, dark purple flower. 
~Sedum ‘Night Embers’. 24-36” ht. Dark black/purple succulent leaves.

~Sedum ‘Powderpuff’. 8-10”. Puffy dome rose pink flwr. Love this one!
~Spigelia m. ‘Little Redhead’, Indian Pink. Native. 24” ht. red tubular flowers. Sun or shade.


GARDENING WITH KIDS---KOKEDAMA---Moss Ball Kit. Includes grower’s choice of a great ‘first timers’ succulent perfect for turning into a potless plant as well as all necessary supplies/pictures and growing instructions. So fun and easy, big kids love them too! $15 ea.

PLUGS…You be the grower! As I did last year I’ll be offering smaller starts of plants called plugs. Available in 2 sizes according to the number of cells in each flat, the large ones are $4 and small are $3, including a label. Fun, right?

~Calamintha nepeta ssp. nepeta---Lesser Catmint.
The original catmint, hardy and long flowering, indigo purple fading to white flower. 

Small Plug $3 each

~Lavandula x i. ‘Grosso’. 24-30” ht. Blooms later. Long stems.
~Lavandula a. ‘Lavance Deep Purple’. 10-12” ht. Deep purple flwr.
~Sedum ‘Little Miss Sunshine’. 6-8” ht. Compact, tidy. Yellow flwr.


~Delphinium ‘Cobalt Dreams’. 4-6’ tall. Cobalt blue flwr. Great cut!
~Linum lewisii-Blue Flax. Native. 18-30” ht. Full sun, low moisture, butterflies.


The whimsy Bus   ​CLINE'S PLANT FARM   the mustard seed retreat