STEPABLESPlants you can walk on or that handle LIGHT foot traffic.

____ IRISH MOSS-A favorite!

____ SNOW IN SUMMER. Gray leafed ground cover, white flowers.
I love this plant and use it often on designs.

CREEPING PHLOX. A new variety that blooms 2 weeks earlier than subulate types.
____ Spring Light Pink

____ Spring White 

CREEPING PHLOX-Subulata types. (the good old boys from way back)

____ Millstream Daphne (hot pink)

____ Scarlet Falme (red) 

More PERENNIALS---the gift that keeps on giving!
Listed by botanical name then common name. 
These Covid-19 days are teaching all of us something new. As you become better gardeners you'll even know their botanical names and use them just like home gardeners do in Great Britain and across Europe. Smart and savvy gardeners this list is for YOU and the whimsical garden you've often longed for but never even knew. 

More QUART POTS $5.50 ea.

____ Agastache Tutti Fruitti

____ Allium millenium
____ Amsonia Butterscotch (Blue Star)
____ Centaurea montana (Hardy Cornflower)
____ Cerastium tomentosum (Snow in Summer)
____ Chelone lyonii Hot Lips (Turtlehead)
____ Dianthus, Neon Star

____ Dianthus Super Trouper Orange
____ Digitalis Camelot Cream (Foxglove)
____ Digitalis Camelot Lavender
____ Digitalis Camelot Mix
____ Gaillardia Burgundy (Blanket Flower)
____ Gaillardia Goblin

____ Gaura, Little Janie

____ Gaura Passionate Rainbow

____ Gypsophilea Perfecta (Baby's Breath)
____ Heliopsis Summer Nights (False Sunflower) 
____ Iris Sparkling Rose

____ Kniphofia Border Ballet (Red Hot Poker)
____ Lamiastrum Hermans Pride (Dead Nettle)

____ Lavender Phenomenal

____ Lavender Platinum Blonde
____ Leucanthemum Crazy Daisy (Shasta Daisy)
____ Leucanthemum Spellbrook Lumos (yellow daisy)
____ Liatris spicata Kobold (Gayfeather or Blazing Star)
____ Lychnis chalcedonica (Maltese Cross) 
____ Papaver, Pizzicato mix (Poppy)

____ Penstemon Husker Rd (Beards Tongue)
____ Penstemon Pikes Peak Purple (Beards Tongue)
____ Penstemon Red Rocks
____ Phlox Laura (Garden Phlox) 

____ Pulsatilla (Pasque Flower) 
____ Rudbeckia Goldsturm (Black-Eyed Susan)
____ Salvia Marcus (Perennial Salvia)

____ Salvia May Night
____ Saponaria ocymoides (Rock Soapwart)

SEDUM. Calling all Sedum Geeks! You probably need one of each! $5.50 ea. 
____ Angelina's Teacup. Bright, golden yellow, tiny leaves. 
____ Autumn Fire. Reddish summer flowers. 24-30" tall.
____ Blue Elf. Silver blue foliage. Dark pink flowers.
____ Blue Spruce. Spiky blue-gray foliage resembles Blue Spruce.
____ Dazzleberry. Gray-green foliage, raspberry flowers. 
____ Ellacombianum. Dependable, green leaves, yellow flowers.
____ Firecracker. Burgundy red foliage, pink flowers.
____ Fuldaglut. Red leaves. Holds color well all season.
____ Himalayan Skies. Blue. Similar in look to a Burro's tail plant.
____ John Creech. Reliable green sedum. 

____ Lime Zinger. Lime-green foliage with hints of red. 
____ Murale. Green with tiny ball-like leaves. Cute!
____ Powderpuff. Dwarf green leaf form. Interesting leaf shape.

____ Red Wiggle. Red needle like foliage, green tips.
____ Sexangulare. Leaves look like a zipper.
____ Sieboldi. Great blue leaves.

​SEMPERVIVUM (Hens & Chicks). $5.50
____ Black. Green leaves that look like they were dipped in purple dye.
____ Commander Hay. Rosettes of red/orange and green. Beautiful in winter.
____ Desert Bloom. Dusty rose tints on gray-green leaves. 
____ Green Wheel. Wheels of rosettes around mama plant.
____ Pacific Blue. Pretty tinted blue. Nice contrast.
____ Silverine. Red leaves. Good grower.

LARGER POTS OF PERENNIALS--- All Impact size and $18 each unless indicated. 
____ Artemesia Silver Mound (Wormwood) 1 gallon $12

____ Baptisia Decadence Vanilla Cream  (False Blue Indigo, yellow-vanilla cream flowers) $16

____ Caryopteris Dark Knight (Blue Mist Shrub) $15

____ Hemerocallis Big Time Happy (Daylily) $16

____ Tiarella Spring Symphony (Foamflower) $16


____ Aeonium 'Zwartkop. Almost black, rosette style leaves, eventually 3 ft. Interesting! $5 ea. 

____ Assorted succulents in 4 1/2" pots $5

____ Assorted succulents in smaller pots $3 

What plants do you want? Now TAKING ORDERS---

Please feel free to share your plant wants/needs list. With the current world situation, I don’t plan to stock a large inventory but would rather order what you want as needed. By pre-ordering you help me to buy the right things. Besides herbs, perennials, annuals and succulents I can also obtain shrubs and small trees. Let’s work together! Email me any plants you’re looking for and I will see if I can find them for you. Thank you!!

The whimsy Bus   ​CLINE'S PLANT FARM   the mustard seed retreat


​​Cline's Plant Farm/The Whimsy Bus Plant Availability list---

Stay tuned!

   To be updated by August 3, 2020

How to order for pickup or delivery…Read over the list and decide what you want. Take a picture of your order and text it to me. Or email or call. I will get back with you. Don’t be alarmed if it’s not in 5 minutes. My world doesn’t work that way.  Thank you so much!

PICK UPS and DELIVERIES are ongoing! We also have Gift Certificates. Get gardening!
937-243-0596  pam@themustardseedretreat.com


____ Hydrangea Invicibelle Wee White (NEW introduction , 12-36" tall)  3 gallon $44.

____ Hydrangea Endless Summer. Dependable and tough. Pink/blue flowers depending on soil. $44. 

____ Rosa, Oso Easy Double Red (Disease resistant shrub rose, little pruning) $44.

____ Rosa, Oso Easy Paprika (Vibrant orange blooms, yellow center) $44. 

____ Rhamnus, Buckthorn 'Fineline'. Great narrow growing shrub. $44.

​____ Viburnum Brandywine (Native, full sun/part shade, beautiful berries/fall color) $44. 

GARDENING WITH KIDS---KOKEDAMA---Moss Ball Kit. Includes grower’s choice of a great ‘first timers’ succulent perfect for turning into a potless plant as well as all necessary supplies/pictures and growing instructions. So fun and easy, big kids love them too! $15 ea.


HERBS: 3-inch pots, $2 ea. 

____ Catnip

____ Chives
____ Chives, Garlic

____ Dill, Super Dukat

____ Galium (Sweet Woodruff) 

____ Fennel, Sweet

____ Lemon Balm

____ Lemon Verbena 

____ Mint, Corsican

____ Mint, Pineapple
____ Mint-Spearmint, Kentucky Colonel

____ Mint, Strawberry

____ Sage Clary

____ Sweetleaf (stevia)

____ Tarragon, Texas

____ Thyme, Lemonade

SCENTED GERANIUMS. Smell them daily! Yum-O!! Culinary use as well as hummingbird and butterfly attractor.

(quart pots) $3 ea.

____ Lemon Rober- Lemon rose scented, great in potpourri

____ Old Fashioned Rose

____ Pretty Polly--New! Nutty almond-scent. 

____ Sweet Mimosa- Lemon/rose scented, soft pink flowers.

ANNUALS, Tropicals, Veggies, Hanging Baskets:

Braided Hibiscus  multi-color plants $24

WAVE PETUNIAS 6 per pack $9.50
White, pink, 

HANGING BASKETS: Limited selection but nice...now $10

6" POTS $9.50
Geraniums, Calliope  pink or red
Yellow Thunbergia on trellis
Kong Coleus

Pink two tone

4 1/2" pots $5 

Baby Tut grass
Callies (superbells) red

Coleus assorted
Double impatiens, orange
Fiber Optic Grass
Gerber Daisies
Geraniums red, pink
Hiemalis Begonias orange
Lantana assorted colors
Licorice Plant
Mezoo vine
Portulaca mojave mix
Sweet Potato Vine 
Thunbergia orange
Vinca Wojo's gem

FLATS OF FLOWERS 3PER PACK $1.00 Full flat SALE $10 
Begonias white, pink/white
Dahlias mixed
Impatiens assorted colors
Naturtiums whirlybird mix
Petunias assorted colors
Salvia red 


TOMATOES        SALE $1 ea. 3 per pack. or 4in. pots
3 per pack: $1

Jet Star
Sweet 100

4 inch pots $1
Better Boy
Big Boy
Early Girl