Here's what you need to know:

September-mid October

Make and Take class will be---

Make a 6 inch Succulent Wreath.

There will also be snippets of information on Whimsical Gardening.

~Class size, 8-12 persons. Larger groups may be accommodated. Smaller groups may be combined. Call me to talk about it.

​~$35 per person.

~Class lasts approximately 2 hrs.

~The person booking the class will be designated the Hostess.Hostess duties include coordinating the time, date and place with all their peeps and communicating with me. As well, the hostess will pay up front for the class and collect the money back from their friends. For all their efforts the hostess will receive a whimsical gift!

~Once done, you've got bragging rights that you took a class on The Whimsy Bus. Also, a great photo opportunity. 

​~The Bus will park in your drive, on your street, possibly under your giant shade tree if no chance of getting stuck. For most classes, 5-6 people will make wreaths inside the bus with the rest of the group making theirs at tables set up outside the bus. If everyone wants The Whimsy Bus inside experience two or more classes will be taught. Woohoo!

Now booking private classes aboard The Whimsy Bus!

Have a group (Mom's, church, Book club, Garden, get the picture...a GROUP) that is interested in fun and adventure? Furthermore, instilled in their heart is a love of learning and a twinkle in their eye. Well, you've already got the makings for a super-de-duper class .

Happy whimsical wreath makers! You guys rock! Great job!! 

What to do:

Talk to your friends and come up with a possible day/time that would work for your group. Also, pick a backup day/time. Call or email me and set it up. I will do the rest. Your Whimsy Bus adventure awaits. See you soon! Pam


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