to your garden, home and life. 

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How I met Whimsy...

I stumbled upon Whimsy when planting succulents into a pair of red stiletto shoes twelve years ago at my plant farm.  Customers told me they loved my whimsy. At the time I was clueless to what I was doing. I'm very frugal so to me I was gardening simply and cost effectively (free shoes). I tried repeatedly to brush off its importance in my gardening world. Unique, oddly out of the ordinary, unusual. Yes, Whimsy is all that. So what?

But something happened as I began creating 'cute containers', plants planted in funky, unusual and fun things. Shoes were my starting point but the planting soon spread to anything and everything. Typewriters, hubcaps, electric boxes as well as purses, roller skates, even rescuing my neighbors trashed dresser. I found doing and being whimsical tickled my fancy. I smiled more and felt more like a kid again. Eventually I wanted to share this new-found spirit and creative freedom in my classes. 

First up for all of us is the need to acknowledge that whimsy exists. Got it. Then I, like you, had to decide if I liked it. Well of course, who wouldn't, right? Over time as it seeped inside my heart and mind a revelation crept over me...I not only WANTED but felt I NEEDED more WHIMSY in my life. Perhaps this is you!

As I said yes to Whimsy I noticed it popping up all over the place. Awareness!  What proceeded could not be foretold. I began to seek it out, study it, blab about it to anyone who would listen. I bought a bus to promote it. And I began writing a book to share all I'd learned from customers, other writers and gardeners and self exploration.

It's been a fantastic journey! And like I said, I see it and teach it simply. You're going to love it. My hope is that Whimsy seeps into all areas of your life and that it brings you great JOY.

Let's begin the addition of Whimsy to our garden and life with the easiest way possible...the addition of or a change of color.