Writing Class---

Find the Whimsy in YOU!

 In this interactive writing class the whimsical journey begins meeting my buddy, Whimsy and her BFF, Creativity. In a provided notebook, your forever Whimsical Notebook, you’ll ‘dream’, play with crayons and seek out your whimsical color, write a letter, and make friends with creativity and a promise to yourself. The fun has just started as we ask for volunteers to play Whimsical ‘Twister’. You’ll hear my passion for nurturing your creativity, my inspirational words on finding and being yourself through whimsy and the importance of following your own unique path, just as The Whimsy Bus does every day! Last but not least, there’ll be time to sign the bus, Whimsy1. Woohoo! 

Who: FYI---Ages 9-99!

Cost: $20

Write on!

Happy whimsical

Wreath makers...

   YOU guys rock!

​Great job!!!​

IMPORTANT NOTE: All classes currently on hold due to Covid-19. Thank you!

For ALL classes---

Must pre-register and pre-pay.
We accept Paypal thru Cline's Plant Farm.
Call/text/email Pam.
937-243-0596 or

On hold due to Covid-19!

Book a private class on The Whimsy Bus!

Have a group (Mom's, church, Book club, Garden, Nature...you get the picture...a GROUP) that is interested in fun and adventure? Furthermore, instilled in their heart is a love of learning and a twinkle in their eye. Well, you've already got the makings for a super-de-duper class .

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Calling all fun seekers ages 9-99 who like/love/need to write!

Kokedama 101---

Create a Potless Succulent also known as a Succulent Moss ball

Looking for a fun and whimsical class to take with your Mom, child or bestie? Have I got the class for you!! Kokedama, a variation of bonsai, is a Japanese art where a potless plant is created using soil, moss and string. In this make and take class you’ll turn three easy-care Succulents into very cool potless plant to sit or hang. Lots of Kokedama (Koke=moss Tama=ball) info and oodles of fun!
Cost:  $35

Please note: Photos from Hanging Kokedama...Creating Potless Plants for the Home by Coraleigh Parker