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the whimsy way...the whimsy way...​the whimsy way

Cline's Plant Farm is a plant farm/gift barn that specializes in Whimsical Gardening.  We love a good deal and unique stuff, especially re-purposed treasures, so we host a 4 day Plant and Barn Sale right before Mothers day every year. Interested in a new way to garden?  Come learn about The Whimsy Way. You and your life will never be the same...I promise!

The Mustard Seed Retreat, our farmhouse, is a special place for writers/artists to come for the day to work on their craft. It also serves as a back-up classroom for days when the weather is poo poo. We're currently no longer doing writing days because of Covid-19 but stay tuned for future dates. 

The Whimsy Bus...our newest, most creative endeavor---ever! Not only a cutie, Whimsy One has spunk, she's got pizzaz, she's the mobile store to end all mobile stores. Once the Covid-19 mess is over you can book The Whimsy Bus to come to you to learn more about whimsy and whimsical gardening through our new interactive adventure talks. An experience to be experienced. :) Indeed!