What's Whimsy?

​ ~Unique


 ~Oddly out of the ordinary

 ~A lark





 ~Authentic self



  ~Fun & Fabulous

​   ~The key to the true YOU!

​​Hello and Welcome!

I'm The Whimsy Woman, a seeker of all things whimsical, weird and oddly out of the ordinary. I like to incorporate a bit of this zaniness in the garden; a style I call Whimsical Gardening.

Come. Let me show you how. It's easy, refreshing, and fun! Better yet it's your answer to creating your best garden-ever, and most likely along the

way you'll become your best YOU!

​​​​​​Why have an 'ordinary' garden when you can have a Whimsical Garden? 

                                           Wisdom of Pam Cline-Hitchcock                                     

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