What's UP? 

opening for the final spring season at Cline's Plant Farm---

Friday, April 1st   10am-6pm

Days open:Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 10am-6pm.

(Closed Sundays for church and Mondays for plant shopping). 

Will close forever on June 11th.

In case you're wondering why---I'm planning to work a bit less and play a bit more. We'll see how that goes. Ha! Hope to see you soon. Much love and thanks to all who've supported me over the years. I will miss you dearly!!


     What's Whimsy?

​ ~Unique


 ~Oddly out of the ordinary

 ~A lark





 ~Authentic self



  ~Fun & Fabulous

​   ~The key to the true YOU!

​​​​​​Why have an 'ordinary' garden when you can have a Whimsical Garden? 

                                           Wisdom of Pam Cline-Hitchcock                                     

​​Hello and Welcome!

I'm The Whimsy Woman, a seeker of all things whimsical, quirky and oddly out of the ordinary. I like to incorporate a bit of this zaniness in the garden; a style I call Whimsical Gardening.

Come. Let me show you how. It's easy, refreshing, and fun! Better yet it's your answer to creating your best garden, ever, and most likely along the way you'll become your best YOU!

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