What's Whimsy?

​ ~Unique


 ~Oddly out of the ordinary

 ~A lark





 ~Authentic self



  ~Fun & Fabulous

​   ~The key to the true YOU!


Whats happening at the farm?

You just missed our annual Barn & Plant Sale but better yet, we are now OPEN for retail sales during May and until around June 20.


CLOSED Sunday and Monday.

SAFE...Covid-19 compliant Plant and Barn Sale

​Hi friends and family.
I've wrestled with what to do about my annual Mother's Day Barn Sale since Garden Centers were added to the essential businesses list a few weeks ago. As does everything right now, this sale will look different. At the forefront we'll all maintain a 6 foot social distance. Hugs will be given Mexican style, our hands over our hearts. And only 22 shoppers will be permitted on the property at any given time. 

Here's how the sale will look:
~All usual OUTDOOR  areas will be open.
~EZ ups will be set up in the yard in front of the barn for checkout and pile creating. 
For those who just want a quick stop and go gift a nice selection of hanging baskets will be assembled near/around the EZ ups. 
~Only one room in the barn will be open, limited to 4 shoppers at a time.
This room with an ingress and egress door will follow a particular traffic pattern and be open ONLY to those who wear a mask AND gloves. (I will be micro-managing this area). 
~OUTDOORS there will be a nice assortment of plants to include annuals, perennials, herbs, veggies, hanging baskets, cute plantings and a daily addition of whimsical decor taken from the currently closed rooms of the barn and set outdoors (weather appropriate). 
~Unfortunately, there will be no free coffee, tea, water or delicious treats made by Mary Wheeler or Tiffaney Raftery. As well there will be no public restroom or Porta Pot. 

Wear gloves. Wear a mask. Wear a tutu. Come enjoy the beauty of plants. Laugh! Have fun and be happy. This won't be the usual large sale since I won't be advertising in 3 newspapers because of Covid-19. But there will be plenty to enjoy! This sale is therapy for you, your friends, your mom, for me too. 

Our goal is to still be SAFE and garden. May 5 is now designated as Give Flowers Day. If you don't have the chance to do it that day maybe you can buy and give some flowers during my sale. And of course, don't forget Mothers Day is May 10th. If your MOM loves plants, The Whimsy Bus can deliver a most delightful gift. Or what about a Gift Certificate? 

Last but not least...Thank You for all who have reached out to me with orders, kinds words, shopping appointments, and deliveries. You guys are amazing! Spring is an overwhelmingly busy time for me. You, the flowers, the beauty of the earth but most importantly God keep me going when I think I've got nothing left. I am grateful! It's a beautiful world. See the blessings!!

"I will thank the Lord with all my heart." Psalm 9:1

May 7th 10am-7pm

May 8th 10am-7pm

May 9th 10am-6pm

​9820 Long Rd. Ostrander, Ohio 43061

As usual we will be accepting debit/cc through Square, cash, checks made payable to Cline's Plant Farm. Google Pay and Venmo.

​​​​​"Why have an ordinary garden when you can have a whimsical garden? 

                                           Wisdom of Pam Cline-Hitchcock                                     

Sport your best Covid-19 look during the Plant sale and win a $50 Gift Certificate!

Well we might as well make lemonade out of lemons, right? I'll be taking pictures of our historical Covid-19 moments as I seek the winner in what I'm calling my Covid-19 Best Dressed Gardening Challenge. Do it up! Be whimsical and Covid safe. I will award a $50 Gift Certificate to Cline's Plant Farm to be used in May or June 2020 for all your effort!  








The whimsy Bus   ​CLINE'S PLANT FARM   the mustard seed retreat


Hello and Welcome!

I'm The Whimsy Woman, a seeker of all things whimsical, weird and oddly out of the ordinary. I like to incorporate a bit of this zaniness in the garden; a style I call Whimsical Gardening.

Come. Let me show you how. It's easy, refreshing, and fun! Better yet it's your answer to creating your best garden-ever, and most likely along the

way you'll become your best YOU!